How long do dried flowers last? 

They last up to 1-3 years, depending on how they are maintained after being delivered! 


How do you look after your dried flowers? 

All dried flowers will come with our care card. Which is also listed here. 

Can we make a custom order that isn’t on your website? 

Yes, please email us on or call us on 0492212868


Where are you guys located? 

We are Sydney based

How do wedding packages work?

You can selected a package that suits your need, then we will contact you with more details about your package and extra add ons that might be missing 


Do we have to select a package to enquire about wedding information?

No, we would love to hear from you first so we can help select which package is perfect for you! 


How to care for fresh flowers? 

Please check out our care instructions sheet for more detail! Every bouquet will be sent with care instructions. Click here for more information. 


How long have you been working in the flower industry for? 

I’ve currently been in the industry for 6 years.